• Seminar Cycle, in the scope of the closing of the 5th edition of the Post-graduation in SNC-AP:
      • May 28: “Implementation of Management Accounting at the Porto School of Nursing: case study”; Virginia Moreira, Administrator of the Porto School of Nursing
      • June 5:
        • Integrated Reporting – a challenge to the accountability of local governance”, Luis Silva, Associate Partner | KPMG Audit & Assurance
        • “Implementation of the SNC-AP in the Municipality of Cascais: challenges and opportunities for management accounting“, Joana Godinho, Responsible for the Accounting Area in the Municipality of Cascais
      • July 9:
        • Pandemia, Vulnerability and Financial Reporting of Local Administration”; Susana Jorge, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra
        • Digital transformation, a vehicle for the reliability and data analysis of centralized reporting, a contribution to ECE“; Joaquim Muxagata, Director of the Information Systems Management and Support Team at DGTF
        • Accounting Treatment of Financial Instruments in the light of the SNC-AP“; Lúcia Lima Rodrigues, Full Professor at the School of Economics and Management at the University of Minho



    • II Research Seminar on Accounting and Taxation, in the scope of the opening session of the 2nd semester of the Doctoral Program in Accounting of the University of Aveiro, February 15, ICPA Campus, Barcelos.
    • Seminar “3 years after the approval of the SNC-AP: what changes?“, in the scope of the beginning of the 4th edition of the Post-graduation in SNC-AP, February 22, IPCA Campus, Barcelos.
    • II International Congress on Public Accounting “Public Financial Management Reform: Challenges for Research and Practice”, organized in partnership with the Order of Certified Accountants (OCC), 14 and 15 March, António Domingues de Azevedo Auditorium, OCC, Lisbon.

    Seminar Cycle:

    • May 16 – “Effects of the new audit regulation on the rotation of auditors of Public Interest Entities”; Vicente Condor López, Professor of Financial and Accounting Economics, Zaragoza University.
    • May 20 – “Sport as a research area in the field of accounting and finance”; Juan Perez and Ruth Urdaneta, Researchers at the University of Saragoza.
    • June 14 – “New technologies and accounting: How e-government has impacted Brazilian accounting”; Armando Dias da Fé Jr, Researcher at the Institute for Accounting, Actuarial and Financial Research.
    • June 29 – “Tax Management, Ethics and Social Responsibility: study of the discourse and practice of Brazilian companies”; Eurídice Mamede de Andrade, Associate Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

    Seminar Cycle:

    • June 21 – “SNC-AP and LEO as instruments of Public Financial Management”; Maria Antonia de Jesus, ISCTE professor.
    • June 28 – “The Transition to the SNC-AP”, Jorge Mota, IPCA professor.
    • “NCP 18 – Financial Instruments in the light of the SNC-AP”, Lúcia Lima Rodrigues, UM professor and CNCP coordinator.
    • July 12 – “Management Accounting at Porto’s Nursing School: Practical Demonstration”, Virginia Moreira, Administrator of E.S.Nursing Porto & António Antunes, Product Manager of Primavera BSS
    • Conference “Transparency and accuracy of public accounts: the contribution of the SNC-AP”, June 21, IPCA campus, Barcelos.


    – Cycle of Seminars:

    January 19 – “Indicators of efficiency and effectiveness in hospital management”;

    January 26- “The Transition to the SNC-AP”- 26 de janeiro

    “NCP 18 – Financial instruments in light of the SNC-AP”

    February 2 – “The contribution of the pilot entities to the implementation of the new public accounting system in Portugal”

    “The SNC-AP and LEO as instruments of Public Financial Management”

    “The SNC-AP as an opportunity to establish a plan to produce management information of a sector of the Public Administration”

    Seminar on Research in Accounting and Taxation, within the scope of the opening session of the 2nd semester of the Doctoral Program in Accounting of the University of Aveiro, February 16, IPCA Campus, Barcelos.


    – 16th Biennial CIGAR Conference, organized in partnership with FEUC – Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra, 8 and 9 June, OCC facilities, Porto.

    – Seminar “New challenges for Public Accounting: the implementation of reform in the Iberian Peninsula”, September 29, IPCA Campus, Barcelos.


    – 3rd Conference of Accounting and Taxation: “Good Governance: Accounting and Fiscal Dimension”, in partnership with the OCC, June 3, IPCA facilities, Barcelos.

    – Conference “Challenges for Public Accounting in the national and European context: What perspectives?”, July 15, IPCA facilities, Barcelos.

    – 9th International EIASM Public Sector Conference, in partnership with ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, and the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM), September 6 and 8, ISCTE facilities, Lisbon.

    – VII GECAMB – The Portuguese CSEAR (Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research) Conference, 3 and 4 of November, facilities of the IPCA, Barcelos.


    – Short course on the “Financial Regime of Local Authorities and Intermunicipal Entities”, January 24.

    – Conference on Local Authorities “The challenges to autarkic management: organization and financial sustainability, held in partnership with the OTOC, March 25, Lisbon Congress Center, Lisbon.

    – V Workshop GRUDIS, with the theme: “Research in Accounting for the Public Sector”, organized jointly with GRUDIS, December 11, IPCA, Barcelos.

    – Seminar “Accounting Standardization System for Public Administrations ”, September 28, IPCA, Barcelos.

    – Seminar “Financial Yearbook of Portuguese Municipalities – the case of the Braga district”, November 6, IPCA, Barcelos.


    -Short formation “Articulation of the Financial Regime committed to the Parishes by Law no. 73/2013, of September 3 with the Legal Regime of Local Authorities approved by Law no. 75/2013, of September 12”, January 18.

    – 2nd Conference on Accounting and Taxation: “Current Affairs, Citizenship and Transparency”, May 9.


    – Seminar “Corruption in the Public Sector”, March 9.

    – 1st Conference on Accounting and Taxation: “Current Challenges and Future Prospects” in partnership with the OTOC, March 31.

    – Short formation “New Financial Regime of Local Authorities and Intermunicipal Entities (Law nº 73/2013 of September 3)”, December 7.


    – 6th CIGAR Doctoral Symposium – Barcelos, June 13.

    – 11th CIGAR Workshop, with theme “Performance Management In Public Sector: Past, Current And Future Trends” – Barcelos, June 14 and 15

    – XV Meeting AECA: “New paths for Europe: the role of business and government “- Ofir, September 20 and 21.

    – Cycle of Conferences in Accounting and Taxation, consisting of four conferences, namely:

    1. “Taxes as a limitation / Incentive to economic activity “- April 27;
    2. “Simplex of Accounting / Taxation “- May 17;
    3. “Corporate Social Responsibility – The Nestlé Case “- May 25.
    4. “The Special Taxes on Consumption in Portugal and its connection with Community legislation “-2 June.

    – Seminar “The New Law of Commitments” – June 16.

    – Conference “The New Challenges of Tax Inspection” – December 7.


    – Seminar “A Multidisciplinary Approach to Research in Management Accounting” – April 14.

    – Seminar “La relevância de la innovación y los intangibles en la economía de la empresa” –  May 20.

    – Seminar “The Method of Case Study in Research in Accounting and Management” – May 26.

    – Seminar “Concepts, tools and management of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)” – July 7.


    – 1st International Taxation Conference – “Taxation as an instrument of economic recovery” – April 9.

    – Seminar “Town Councils – New Implications of Management” – July 6.

    – Seminar “The Local Business Sector – Legislative Amendments” – November 27.

    – Seminar “The International Day to Combat Corruption” – December 9.