The Order of Certified Accountants (OCC) and the Research Centre on Accounting and Taxation (CICF) of the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave (IPCA) have launched the Research Award Professor João Carvalho.

    The aim of this award is to “stimulate, support and encourage research in the public sector, in the fields of Accounting, Taxation and Auditing”, perpetuating the legacy of what many consider to be the “father” of public accounting in our country.

    This award consists of a monetary value of ten thousand euros, supported by the Order of Certified Accountants, as well as the respective diploma.

    Any questions about the award should be sent by e-mail to

    João Carvalho: passionate about teaching and Accounting

    João Carvalho, a passionate about education and research, has dedicated part of his life to contributing to the knowledge of public sector accounting.

    He obtained his PhD in Accounting in 1999 and was the first Portuguese researcher to dedicate himself to the study and research of public accounting. He is recognised by many as the “Father of public accounting in Portugal”.

    Over the last two decades, he has published dozens of articles and reference books both nationally and internationally, and is seen as a benchmark by his peers for the passion, rigour and professionalism he dedicates to the causes of accounting teaching and research.

    In December 2017, he published an article in the OCC’s magazine entitled “‘A investigação, o ensino, e a profissão de contabilista: o caso da contabilidade pública'” (Research, teaching and the accounting profession: the case of public accounting), in which João Carvalho recognised the advances made in the last decade in research carried out in Portugal in the area of public accounting, but reinforced the need to increase and support this type of research.


    Deadline for applications: 30 June 2024


    Application instructions

    • Professors, researchers, research fellows and students affiliated with a Portuguese Higher Education Institution are eligible to apply for the award.
    • Applications must be led by a professor or researcher and have a maximum execution period of 2 years.
    • Applicants must present a research project that stands out for its quality, originality and relevance in the areas of specialisation referred to in Article 2 of the Regulation.
    • The application must be submitted by the Researcher in Charge of the project, by filling in the form, including
      • the following information.
      • the project title and acronym;
      • the research team;
      • the objectives and results to be achieved;
      • the methodologies to be applied;
      • the knowledge transfer actions to be performed;
      • the practical and theoretical implications of the project;
      • the project budget;
      • other information deemed relevant.

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