Management Bodies

    The following are the governing bodies of the CICF:

    The director;

    The Scientific Council;

    The Commission of Scientific Advice.

    The Director is the body that directs and coordinates the CICF’s research activities in accordance with the scientific policy defined by the Scientific Council.

    The Scientific Council is responsible for defining research activities and issuing opinions on all matters related to scientific management.

    The Scientific Follow-up Committee is responsible for following up and giving an opinion on the scientific policy of the CICF.

    The composition, powers and functioning of the organs are defined in the Internal Regulations of the CICF.


    Scientific Council

    Scientific Accompaniment Council

    Members by inheritance

    Agostinha Patrícia Silva Gomes / President
    Sónia Monteiro / Director
    Verónica Ribeiro / Director of the IPCA Management School

    External Members

    Hernâni Carqueja /
    Ex-professor of Higher Education with special emphasis in the Faculty of Economics of Porto, Consultant of Companies and Director of the Portuguese Journal of Accounting, Statutory Auditor No. 1 (susp. Vol.), Having as main research areas the Theory and History of Accounting.
    Leonor Fernandes Ferreira /
    She holds a PhD in Business Administration (specializing in Accounting, Taxation and Auditing) from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Professor at the Faculty of Economics of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Business Consultant. The main areas of research are Financial Accounting, Accounting and Fiscal, the Evaluation of Companies and their Economic-Financial Feasibility.
    Vicente Pina Martínez /
    PhD in Economic and Business Sciences at the University of Zaragoza, Full Professor at the Department of Accounting and Finance at the University of Zaragoza, with the main areas of research being Management and Accounting in Public Administration and Control and Auditing in the Public Sector
    Rui Morais /
    PhD in Legal and Economic Sciences from the Catholic University of Porto, Professor at the Catholic University of Porto and Lawyer, having as main research areas Taxation and Tax Law