The following are the governing bodies of the CICF:

    • The Director;
    • The Scientific Council;
    • The Commission of Scientific Advice.

    The Director is the body that directs and coordinates the CICF’s research activities in accordance with the scientific policy defined by the Scientific Council.

    The Scientific Council is responsible for defining research activities and issuing opinions on all matters related to scientific management.

    The Scientific Follow-up Committee is responsible for following up and giving an opinion on the scientific policy of the CICF.

    The composition, powers and functioning of the organs are defined in the Internal Regulations of the CICF.

    Scientific Council

    Sónia Monteiro

    Commission of Scientific Advice

    Binh Tran-Nam –  University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sidney, Australia

    Charles Cho – Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada

    David Crowther – Montfort University, United Kingdom

    José António Moreira – University of Porto, Portugal

    Maria João Major – Nova School of Business and Economics, Portugal

    Vicente Pina – Zaragoza University, Spain