Cycle of seminars on Public Accounting reform and the SNC-AP

    26 January, 2018 cicf 584 No Comments

    The CICF, together with the School of Management of the IPCA (ESG), is organizing a cycle of seminars on public accounting reform and the SNC-AP, on 19 and 26 January and 2 February. The aim of these seminars is to discuss and reflect on recent changes in the public financial management model as a consequence of the adoption of the SNC-AP.

    On January 19, starting at 2:00 p.m., will be held the seminar on “Indicators of efficiency and effectiveness in hospital management”, having as reference the new requirements of management accounting, with Dr. Logarinho Monteiro, Administrator of the Hospital S. João EPE, as speaker.

    The cycle of seminars will continue on January 26 with Dr. Jorge Mota, an IPCAs’ teacher, who will present in the morning period the theme “Transposition to the SNC-AP”, followed by Professor Lúcia Lima Rodrigues, from the University of Minho, in the afternoon, whose intervention will address “NCP 18 – Financial Instruments”.

    The seminar on February 2 marks the closing of the 3rd edition of the SNC-AP post-graduation and will count on the intervention of three illustrious speakers: Professor Susana Jorge, from the University of Coimbra, Professor Maria Antónia de Jesus from ISCTE and Dr. Joaquim Rodrigues, President of the Institute of Financial Management and Justice Equipments. The session will be moderated by the illustrious Professor João Carvalho, member of the Committee of Public Accounting Normalization and the CICF.

    This cycle of seminars is also part of the project financed by FCT (PTDC / IIM-GES/6923/2014), which aims to study the process of changing public accounting as a result of the adoption of IPSAS in the Iberian Peninsula.

    The seminar cycle is open to the wider community.

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